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error / погрешность, ошибка, заблуждение
имя существительное
error, fault, infelicity
error, mistake, fault, flaw, fallacy, miscarriage
error, delusion, fallacy, mistake, wrong, aberration
имя существительное
a mistake.
spelling errors
The workman made a spelling error engraving the box and it was never sent.
Ideally, research on this question should be conducted prospectively to reduce measurement error in reporting of such meaningful experiences.
an error of judgement
Is it asserted that there was jurisdictional error in making the orders of 9 March or some other basis of that?
If bias remains a major source of error over time, then the forecasting system is not improving.
However, something, whether by human error or mechanical fault, went awfully wrong as we saw him plummet to his death from the arena roof.
We compared the Ka and Ks values computed from the three methods with their corresponding expected values and calculated their error percentages.
But a Cardinals batter reached on an error , and Curt Flood followed with a two-run home run to end the bid.
Since the birefringence of the projection lens is well controlled, there is little wavefront error due to polarization.
Estimation error is likely to make branch lengths appear even less clocklike than they actually are.