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errand / поручение, командировка
имя существительное
commission, errand, mission, message, charge, procuratory
business trip, mission, assignment, detached duty, official journey, errand
имя существительное
a short journey undertaken in order to deliver or collect something, often on someone else's behalf.
she asked Tim to run an errand for her
she asked Tim to run an errand for her
That implies a contract of service, a master-servant relationship - the person is carrying an errand on behalf of someone and is being directed by him or her.
She called me way too early in the morning and informed me of my new errand or duty.
I felt someone stalking me when I was walking home from the errand that my mom sent me on.
I asked other parents when they began leaving their children alone, either for a short errand or during after-school hours.
However, her younger brother's tutor agreed to the errand on her behalf when he discovered that Mary had been listening to his lessons and was not totally absorbed in her stitchery.
What does it say about me that my first errand (after walking my dog a few times and going to the grocery, of course) is getting online?
The quiet of Shrewsbury Abbey is shattered when Brother Oswin, sent on an errand to deliver medicines, is discovered in a nearby forest, beaten within an inch of his life.
she asked Tim to run an errand for her
Casey Mason was on a shopping errand on her bicycle when she was involved in an accident with a lorry at Stockbridge, Keighley.