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eroticism / эротизм, чувственность, чрезмерная чувственность
имя существительное
eroticism, erotism
sensuality, sensuousness, carnality, sexiness, eroticism, sensualism
чрезмерная чувственность
eroticism, erotism
имя существительное
the quality or character of being erotic.
a disturbing blend of violence and eroticism
‘Offbeat films and unconventional themes may need to depict violence and eroticism , which the censors do not allow,’ he observes.
The brittle sexuality of the earlier works is absent, but visual temptation and overt eroticism remain in the riot of vibrant colors, visceral strokes and pulsing space.
Be it in a combination with sea and sand landscapes or spring flowers and violin, the female body emits tenderness, eroticism , warmth and sensuality.
Sexuality, eroticism , and lust are important themes in Vizenor's texts.
The subtle, almost sublimated eroticism only amplifies the sexuality present in the works.
a disturbing blend of violence and eroticism
But when eroticism goes public, something else happens.
a disturbing blend of violence and eroticism
Another typical representation of the mortal dangers inherent in the new mobility machines was eroticism : death was a lover, desired and eagerly anticipated.
She is strong and beautiful, but her eroticism is restrained, her nipples toned down, their paleness an attenuated sign of disease.