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erotica / эротика, эротическая литература
имя существительное
эротическая литература
имя существительное
literature or art intended to arouse sexual desire.
The exegesis explores the genre of women's erotica and is well grounded in contemporary critical theory.
One of the more consistent concerns is the presence of pornography and erotica and the expression of sexuality on the Internet.
I, for one, initially advocated a statement saying we were not interested in genre work, or erotica .
But Payne isn't much interested in debating the distinction between erotica and porn.
Yes, I firmly believe if a literary critic is not interested in erotica he should change jobs.
The author explains that she is collecting erotica from Indigenous writers in order to counteract stereotypes and misconceptions.
Some of the pieces skim the boundaries of adult fiction without delving into hardcore erotica .
Definitions of erotica , degrading pornography, and violent pornography can be problematic.
This shows that a conceptual distinction between pornography and erotica is both meaningful and operational.
With his inventive sense of flattened, decorative form and composition, he has truly reinvented the still life, but he is also a master of whimsical erotica .
But while some of the scenarios are necessarily arousing, the book does not intend to function as pornography or erotica .