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erosion / эрозия, размывание, разрушение
имя существительное
erosion, weathering, denudation
destruction, disruption, breakdown, demolition, collapse, erosion
имя существительное
the process of eroding or being eroded by wind, water, or other natural agents.
the problem of soil erosion
Such factors affect both water and wind erosion (particularly important in northwestern Ohio).
However, the significance of glacial processes as agents of erosion has been disputed by Boardman.
They also made carvings deep, knowing well that erosion by wind and water can erase them.
They recommended that women use native grasses to protect against wind and water erosion .
Most of Mars' surface was shaped later by meteorite impacts, volcanic eruptions and erosion by dust and wind.
‘Any further erosion in public sector support will inevitably lead to fundamental changes in the nature of the event itself,’ he writes.
Unfortunately, in the past few years, she's been let down by the gradual erosion of her memory.
Do not till if only a limited amount of crop residue is present after harvest since tillage will make the soil susceptible to wind and water erosion .
A striking morphologic finding was a topographical relation of focal inflammation with sclerotic atrophy in areas with erosion of the epithelium.
Vigorously growing crops hold the soil and nutrients in place while protecting the soil from wind and water erosion .