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erogenous / эрогенный, эротогенный, эротический
имя прилагательное
erotic, sexy, erogenous, curious
имя прилагательное
(of a part of the body) sensitive to sexual stimulation.
erogenous zones
It has a character who has had all the erogenous zones of her body enhanced in order to move up the social class system.
Part of the problem is that for many people the neck is a very erogenous zone and receiving lip service here can be quite titillating.
It's not Kendall's fault that Bianca's ears are an erogenous zone.
James Laver discusses the idea of shifting erogenous zones where, for example, parts of the body gain erotic capital if covered up long enough to render intrigue or become sterilized zones if they receive too much exposure over time.
Most of the time they'll only feel one point of contact, but on the highly sensitive erogenous zones they'll feel both.
Designers are really taping into these three erogenous zones.
The most effective move known to womankind involves stimulating three erogenous zones with one cunning hand trick.
In the aforementioned book, several interviewees describe a spot near the cervix ‘as being a highly erogenous zone.’
Though he does satisfy me, he refuses to touch my erogenous zone, which he calls dirty or nasty.
He ran his well-oiled hands over the graceful swells and swales of her back and legs, edging closer to the more erogenous zones with each pass, carefully monitoring her for any negative reaction.