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erector / монтажник, эректор, сборщик
имя существительное
adjuster, erector, millwright, adjustor
collector, picker, fitter, erector, adjuster
имя существительное
a person or thing that erects something.
Working inside the cramped attic directly above the fragile plaster ceiling, erectors assembled the trusses with bolts instead of welds because of the threat of fire.
The steel erector says the frame went together better than expected, but says the success of the job hinged on the ironworkers' dedication and six to eight months of planning.
The rectus and the obliques flex your spine, and all of your abdominals, along with the erector spinae muscles of your back, stabilize your spine.
So he went to night school to study engineering and became a steel erector .
To erect the trusses, the steel erector used twelve 78-ft-tall shoring towers, one under each tip of each cantilever.
a spinal erector
Your abdominal and erector spinae muscles isometrically contract to stabilize your torso as you move.
Even so, with bolts and base plates at myriad angles, the steel erector had to maneuver the pieces with hydraulic rams and remove some to fit others in to fine-tune sequencing.
The main back muscles involved are the erector spinae.
The erector then used the trichord's upper chords to support a work platform for the arch.
With forward head postures, shortening occurs in the suboccipital muscles and lengthening takes place in the cervical and thoracic erector spinae muscles.