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erection / эрекция, монтаж, возведение
имя существительное
erection, hard-on
mounting, assembling, assembly, montage, erection, fitting
имя существительное
the action of erecting a structure or object.
fees will be levied for the erection of monuments
an enlarged and rigid state of the penis, typically in sexual excitement.
The new school is operating out of the local rugby club house and is awaiting planning permission for the erection of two prefab buildings.
Careful planning of site layout, erection of partitions, or underground hazardous substance storage and an overabundance of safety systems can actually save lives.
CITY PARKS is to launch a campaign to educate the public on the illegal erection of metal structures or ‘cots’ in cemeteries around Johannesburg.
men who cannot get an erection
fees will be levied for the erection of monuments
It is in the process of planning permission, after demolition, for erection of flats.
However, the lights do cost money and the cost of erection and insurance tops • 1,000.
The company has won international acclaim for their experience in the manufacture and erection of stainless steel structures and the completion of the spire is another feather in their cap.
In many cases erection of the structures is claimed to be about two-thirds the cost of conventional building.
It added that signs ‘must not impede ladder erection or climbing access to pole steps’ and ‘should have no sharp edges.’