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erect / возвести, воздвигать, соорудить
erect, raise
erect, build up, set up, raise, put up, construct
build, erect
direct, right, straight, directly, live, erect
имя прилагательное
direct, right, straight, outright, straightforward, erect
vertical, upright, erect, plumb, portrait, upstanding
sticking, protruding, erect, prominent, protrusive, obtrusive
имя прилагательное
rigidly upright or straight.
she stood erect with her arms by her sides
construct (a building, wall, or other upright structure).
the guest house was erected in the eighteenth century
However, while I was outside yesterday, I noticed that my left nipple was particularly erect .
At this point he was beginning to erect the walls and had paused from nailing the frame together.
I find it ludicrous that an erect penis or penetration is still something that is not really permitted to be shown.
The canvas featured an erect penis and a crucifix with what appeared to be semen dripping from it.
Before a builder can erect a house, there has to be a foundation.
So I wanted her, wanted to run my tongue over those erect nipples, to play with the twin black hairs, to know what it felt like to slip inside her.
The trunk is held erect with the spine straight and chest lifted.
Such women as these emasculate the male sexual drive, they reduce the man's erect penis to a limp one!
She muffled a small moan as his hand pinched her erect nipple through the dress.
As she said this, she lifted a plasticine model of an erect penis, complete with testicles and all.