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erasure / стирание, уничтожение, подчистка
имя существительное
erasure, abrasion, deletion, obliteration, effacement, rub
destruction, annihilation, extermination, abolition, eradication, erasure
имя существительное
the removal of writing, recorded material, or data.
The judges recorded their diving scores on cardboard "with a lot of erasure ," she said.
It is a question not of temporal displacement but rather the erasure of narrative time itself.
Regardless of popular calls for the erasure of African identity, I steadfastly remain of African descent.
Others found comfort in the erasure of the recent past.
DVD-R is a write-once format, meaning that data can be written to a disc and stored without fear of accidental erasure .
The process of historical erasure may have started then.
The crucial detail is the erasure of the serial numbers.
On the one hand, Pope's symbolic erasure of "Madam Dacier" anticipates her misconstrued legacy.
The duration of time they will be retained before erasure or destruction should be specified.
Some of these supraliminal frames are panels of video static, a screen equivalent of total erasure .
Faith in American virtue remains intact, and the erasure of collective memory is stunning.