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eraser / ластик, резинка, резинка для стирания
имя существительное
eraser, rubber, india rubber
rubber band, elastic, eraser, rubber, india rubber, shirr
резинка для стирания
eraser, india rubber
имя существительное
an object, typically a piece of soft rubber or plastic, used to rub out something written.
Pencils, erasers , small plastic figurines, and other nonedible items make good trick-or-treat prizes.
Each bag contained a pencil, an eraser , a ruler, notebooks, a water bottle and torchlight.
It was very tiny, about the size of a pencil eraser sliced in a tiny piece.
Remove the paper from the eraser; the ink will have transferred to the rubber eraser .
Some of the items, like erasers and pencil sharpeners, shaped and coloured like fruits and vegetables, were much in demand.
My English notebook, along with pencils, pens, erasers and binder paper became airborne.
More than 200 backpacks filled with paper, pencils, pens, erasers , calculators and other necessities were given to the children.
Synthetic rubber erasers are vulcanized (cooked under pressure) to cure the rubber, but vinyl erasers skip this part.
Coins, marbles, safety pins, buttons, crayon pieces, erasers , paper wads, rocks, and beads are also risks.
Tuna sashimi is ‘the pale pink of pencil erasers , and the texture of whipped cream’.
These would have prevented goods clearly compatible with military use from entering the country, but would have allowed civilian necessities like medicine and pencil erasers into Iraq.