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erase / стирать, подчищать, вычеркивать
wash, erase, wear, wear off, obliterate, delete
cross out, delete, strike out, cross off, scratch, erase
rub out or remove (writing or marks).
graffiti had been erased from the wall
The degaussing process is designed to erase the tape magnetically back to a virgin state.
I erase everything using a program that promises to destroy the data, not just remove it from the directory.
An environment of finding fault will break down trust in one another as well as erase the personal self-confidence every member needs to succeed.
We have all seen people erase their own worries and fears by helping others.
A sudden smile can smooth it free of tension as easily as the tide can erase marks on sand.
The accused used to erase the marks and words from the stamps and sold them to the shopkeepers or back to the post offices.
We wish we could erase the mark, see it gone forever.
In some parts of Latin America, there's been an attempt to erase many of the traces of liberation theology in any of its forms.
I pushed the erase button; did people think teachers were evil or something?
She had an urge to erase the writing, make it disappear, as if doing that would make it so that it never happened… but of course - the diary was etched in pen.