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eradicate / искоренять, уничтожать, вырывать с корнем
eradicate, uproot, extirpate, exterminate, reform, unroot
destroy, kill, consume, demolish, annihilate, eradicate
вырывать с корнем
uproot, disroot, stub, root out, extirpate, eradicate
destroy completely; put an end to.
this disease has been eradicated from the world
These two steps alone will eradicate a large number of diseases we face today.
In the light of the recent issues in the game we have to stamp down on this type of activity and eradicate it from our game.
The minister said she also wants to offer support for a program to eradicate illiteracy.
Amanda has been working to remove processed food from school menus and to eradicate harmful E numbers.
It is extremely difficult to eradicate prejudices so deeply rooted and natural.
However, the main difference between the two countries lies in the resolve of the Scots to eradicate the disease.
We continue to do that and our campaign to eradicate pensioner poverty goes on.
With concerted action with the tools available today, it is potentially eradicable , says ANURADHA KHATI RAJIVAN.
I think the majority of farmers overwhelmingly support containing and eradicating the disease.
We must not undo the excellent work that has ben done in almost eradicating these diseases from our shores.