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equivocate / увиливать, говорить двусмысленно, говорить уклончиво
shirk, prevaricate, equivocate, dodge, evade, wriggle out of
говорить двусмысленно
говорить уклончиво
equivocate, prevaricate
use ambiguous language so as to conceal the truth or avoid committing oneself.
“Not that we are aware of,” she equivocated
Canadians are fundamentally suspicious of any party that appears to equivocate about rights.
Bishops obfuscate, cardinals equivocate and Church spokesmen prevaricate as the tide of media condemnation surges around them.
They furrow their concerned brows and squint gravely towards the cameras in their field camo but all you hear is hedge and evade and dodge and divert and equivocate .
But Congressional equivocation also reflects Congressional ambivalence.
Inevitably the postelection media were full of tactful equivocations , brave faces and the search for silver linings.
If he equivocates on the urgency to end the occupation, he's spirited in his insistence that the constitution will be Islamic.
At least it is not, so long as we avoid equivocating on the notion of satisfying a desire.
His reactions are relevant only because they seem to fit his career-long pattern of equivocation and calculation trying whenever possible to have it both ways.
How is it, then, that a man so unequivocal in his own yardstick for cultural superiority in all things, despite admitted unsavoury elements, suddenly equivocates like a fox when asked about censorship?
The excuses, explanations and equivocations are strictly for public consumption.