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equipment / оборудование, аппаратура, оснащение
имя существительное
equipment, facilities, furnishing, installation, plant, outfit
equipment, apparatus, hardware, facilities, outfit
имя существительное
the necessary items for a particular purpose.
office equipment
The company manufactures drilling equipment and uses lithium batteries as part of the process.
the construction and equipment of new harbour facilities
This will provide the dedicated staff and equipment necessary for small companies to compete.
They provide all computer equipment and course material for the duration of the programme.
Would you refer to your equipment as a stack of nickels, dimes or quarters?
Employees should take a break away from office equipment every hour or two.
All the necessary ski equipment is available for hire and is fairly inexpensive.
we didn't have the necessary equipment
They will also have the opportunity to access a variety of office equipment to help research and develop their ideas.
As a child, his father kept him kitted out with all the necessary cricket equipment .