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equip / оборудовать, снарядить, экипировать
equip, fit, outfit, tool up, appoint
equip, fit out
equip, outfit, kit, fit out, fit up, kit up
supply with the necessary items for a particular purpose.
all bedrooms are equipped with a color TV
Evolutionarily-old connections between our lower brains and our bodies equip us to deal with overwhelming situations rapidly.
You know, the easy thing to do is to recruit people and equip people and train them.
We're the party that wants to be able to equip the troops while they're in battle and to prepare them for battle.
It seeks to equip young people with the knowledge and skills needed to become highly competitive entrepreneurs.
And his enthusiasm and knowledge of sport, particularly football, equip him well for the task.
She also considers cooking to be a vital skill that will equip young people to make good decisions later in life.
We must offer training to equip people with the skills that are needed in York.
Several question modules are prepared to equip the students fully.
The future is unpredictable so our education system must equip people to cope with new situations with confidence.
The oil poured on David's head by Samuel became a vehicle through which the blessing of the Holy Spirit was released in his life to equip him for his task as king.