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equine / лошадиный, конский
имя прилагательное
horse, equine, horsey, horsy
horse, equine, horsy, horsey
имя существительное
horse, equine, nag, hoss, hack, hackney
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or affecting horses or other members of the horse family.
equine infectious anemia
имя существительное
a horse or other member of the horse family.
Of all the wild equines in the world today, only the plains zebras of Africa are present in large numbers.
Your equine features make you truly, a face for radio!
The 1985 edition was played in May 1986 due to an equine infectious disease…
I've seen an equine dentist float a horse's teeth.
Currently, he is working on a final year project to examine visuo-spatial ability in horses and to determine if gender differences exist that might affect equine performance.
This will in turn lead to an improvement in equine knowledge among members.
The fossils now give a branching and very bushy picture of equine evolution, with numerous now-extinct lineages living side by side.
In fact, I'd spent the afternoon being moaned at by a fat man in epaulettes because my portrait of his wife was far too realistic as regarded her unfortunately equine features.
The world champion, who ends his two-week show jumping tour of the Gulf tomorrow, will travel to Saudi capital Riyadh early next month to assess the royal family's equine facilities.
In an earlier equine study using healthy horses, the postprandial insulin response was dampened when oil was added to a single meal of corn.
Horse-using societies unleashed their scientists and engineers to study equine machines and the horse became a form of technology.