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equestrian / конный
имя прилагательное
equestrian, horse, mounted
имя существительное
rider, horseman, equestrian, ichneumon, ichneumon fly
rider, horseman, knight, equestrian, cavalier, ride
имя прилагательное
of or relating to horse riding.
his amazing equestrian skills
имя существительное
a rider or performer on horseback.
The riders all are life-long equestrians with from 12-30 years in endurance competitions.
The most disciplined and demanding equestrian sport, dressage, was in its full glory at Woorree Park at the weekend.
She told them that her sister liked horses and was on an equestrian team.
Due to Australia's immigration laws for horses, the 1956 equestrian events were held separately in Stockholm.
Active in many sports, Reeve owned several horses and competed in equestrian events regularly.
Thompson's last monument is his only equestrian statue.
But standing before an equestrian statue of Carlos III, he wonders: " What am I supposed to do here?
Wooden benches set in the shade of huge old live oaks surround the bronze equestrian statue of General Andrew Jackson that dominates the centre of the square.
If we are separated we meet at the equestrian statue on James Square at noon precisely.
equestrian school
Laurel called to them, speaking of their snooty old riding instructor at the equestrian academy the girls had attended together most of their lives.