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equation / уравнение, выравнивание
имя существительное
equation, equalization
alignment, leveling, aligning, lining, justification, equation
имя существительное
a statement that the values of two mathematical expressions are equal (indicated by the sign =).
It also contains continued fractions, quadratic equations , sums of power series and a table of sines.
the process of equating one thing with another.
the equation of science with objectivity
a symbolic representation of the changes that occur in a chemical reaction, expressed in terms of the formulae of the molecules or other species involved.
When hydrolysis occurs, we will write a chemical equation to describe it, and new species will be formed in solution.
Even on stark issues like abortion, there can be no simple equation between the church and any political program or party.
One-half of the general problem of stellar atmospheres revolves around the solution of the equation of radiative transfer.
I asked as I balanced a chemical equation and answered some questions.
This deprivation of culture, of identity, is the missing link in Africa's development equation .
As relationships go, I realized this simple equation of life.
When I pressed him to write an equation expressing the value for a, he insisted that he would need a symbol for within.
When pressure of competition was factored into the equation , the situation changed.
And the small matter of lost tax revenue doesn't enter into the equation at all, of course.
It was a simple and compelling equation : the bigger the wave the better your bottom-line.
Yet rising U.S. interest rates and a still-strong dollar must be factored into that equation .