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equally / одинаково, в равной степени, поровну
equally, identically, alike, both, evenly
в равной степени
equally, evenly, fifty-fifty
in the same manner.
all children should be treated equally
to the same extent or degree.
follow-up discussion is equally important
She urged ministers to change the law so all people were treated equally in every part of their lives.
The bank employs 7,000 divided equally between its home town and across West Yorkshire.
Until the Welsh veteran suffered a calf strain last month the pair had equally shared 14 goals between them.
But then he would trot on to take a penalty, say, or score the winning goal in some other equally perfect manner.
Everything there must be divided equally into six shares and distributed as soon as possible.
Any money raised will be divided equally between the children when they reach their 21st birthdays.
Is there reason to believe that we are not treating all employees equally and fairly?
The disposal of chicken waste is done in an equally haphazard and insensitive manner.
The systems treat all votes equally and provide representation for virtually every voter.
He also pointed out that he divided his time equally between the two stations.