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equalizer / эквалайзер, балансир, пистолет
имя существительное
balance, rocker, beam, equalizer, walking beam, balance beam
gun, pistol, handgun, piece, Roscoe, equalizer
имя существительное
a thing that has an equalizing effect.
education is the great equalizer
Because in this country, in the judicial system, money is a great equalizer .
The crisis that struck in mid-1997 was a great equalizer , along with the popularity of the ‘back to nature’ movement starting in the West.
Don't believe it when they tell you that death is the great equalizer .
his second goal was the equalizer
‘The Web is absolutely the great equalizer ,’ he said.
And green technology could be a great equalizer , bringing wealth to the tropical areas of the world which have most of the sunshine, most of the human population, and most of the poverty.
He quickly found that mountain biking was often the great equalizer in helping his students better adjust to the pressures of both home and school.
The answer is the great equalizer of the modern democratic society, and I'm writing on it this very instant.
education is the great equalizer
BE ENTERTAINING - Humor is the great equalizer and something that nearly everyone appreciates.