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equalize / уравнять, выравнивать, уравнивать
align, level, level off, flatten, equalize, flatten out
equate, equalize, equal, level, compensate, even
make the same in quantity, size, or degree throughout a place or group.
incentives to equalize funding for school districts
As a result, oil prices equalize around the globe (adjusting for differences in quality and transportation costs).
Thus this researcher shows by implication that strong and sensitive teachers might try to equalize their status with learners in order to maximize conditions conducive to language acquisition.
Harvey could have done more, for Florida legislators had to take local assessors out of their tricky political situation before the state could equalize its educational funding in 1973.
I think it is likely that prices would, to a large extent, equalize between the two countries over the medium term.
After two years, Chancellor Klein has ended a key initiative to equalize funding of city schools.
In New Jersey, which has been struggling to equalize school funding for three decades, the schools in Elizabeth spend 70 per cent more per pupil than do the schools in Toms River.
Clay seeks to equalize , levelling out advantages, especially the big serve and the big ground stroke, and is a contest essentially of not losing rather than winning.
It was promoted as a way to relieve homeowners of high property taxes and equalize funding for schools in rich and poor communities.
the act was structured to equalize the status of a defendant
incentives to equalize funding for school districts