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equality / равенство, равноправие
имя существительное
equality, parity, par, equability
equality, equal rights, equality of rights
имя существительное
the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.
an organization aiming to promote racial equality
It's no secret that great numbers of jobs are sewn up from the inside, despite claims of equality of opportunity.
Can marriage be reformed to serve as a public status that promotes equality and liberty?
We also know that the labour movement has to work very hard to ensure that same equality of access and opportunity in the union.
The value of equality of opportunity gets most of its practical force from its opposition to systematic discrimination.
an organization aiming to promote racial equality
we're committed to equality of opportunity for everyone
They want to see people given a fair go, they want equality of opportunity, and they want fairness.
But equality of aspiration is not matched by equality of opportunity.
For example, complete negative freedom would not provide equality of opportunity, outcome, or treatment.
The striking workers are demanding equality of promotion opportunities with their colleagues.