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epitome / воплощение, олицетворение, конспект
имя существительное
embodiment, incarnation, epitome, personification, personalization, avatar
impersonation, personification, embodiment, epitome, incarnation, picture
abstract, summary, synopsis, outline, conspectus, epitome
имя существительное
a person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type.
she looked the epitome of elegance and good taste
a summary of a written work; an abstract.
Or, as another scholar has said, the creed is an epitome and summary that guides and directs a proper reading of Scripture.
The whole place is practically the epitome of ‘timeless elegance’.
I pictured her to be the epitome of Southern beauty.
Smoking is an evil, deadly addiction, and for smokers to insist on blowing their foul pollution onto other people is the very epitome of senseless selfishness.
she looked the epitome of elegance and good taste
In many ways Detroit is the epitome of the materialist paradigm, a place where the mechanical worldview was perfected.
Kate is the epitome of ladylike elegance with poker straight posture, a svelte figure and a confident yet warm personality.
He was described by the man who nominated him for the award as ‘the epitome of quality leadership in the modern educational era’.
In the Netherlands there was initially a craving for all things French, for France represented the epitome of modernity and luxury.
Helen's older sister Jenny is the epitome of the perfect Mum.
The Queen herself was the epitome of elegance, wearing - most appropriately for the occasion - a beautiful Mudmee blouse of a sandy brown and a long dress of silver-grey.