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epistle / послание, эпистола, апостольское послание
имя существительное
message, letter, epistle, missive, scroll, pastoral
апостольское послание
имя существительное
a letter.
The opinions expressed in these evocative epistles were remarkably forthright and revealing.
His verse is both metrically and formally experimental, ranging from satire to love lyric, from sonnet to verse epistle , from elegy to hymn.
Both the epistle and gospel readings for this Sunday describe sending out those who will gather others together.
The collection begins with an epistle describing the courage and tension of a soldier waiting in the snow.
I have read your epistle at least once a day since I received it with the exception of Sunday and then I perused it twice.
St. Paul's epistle to the Romans
In the letter that directly precedes the epistle containing his translation, Petrarch presents a series of arguments contradicting Boccaccio's request that he take literary retirement on account of his old age.
Regardless of the content of the epistle , there is still something exciting about receiving an email or a letter from someone close.
The risen Lord's message to his disciples speaks of forgiveness and sin, and our epistle reading reminds us of our own sinful state.
I could almost hear her merry laugh ringing across the harbor as I slowly walked along the pier, reading her return epistle .
In the epistle of St Paul to the Hebrews, St Paul speaks of the sanctuary, its rituals, its contents and the Holy of Holies.