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episcopal / епископский, епископальный
имя прилагательное
episcopal, bishop's, pontifical
episcopal, episcopalian, pontifical
имя прилагательное
of a bishop or bishops.
episcopal power
It is solely Rome's prerogative to appoint a new archbishop of Boston, and Rome has done little to indicate that it sees the need for a new style of episcopal leadership or greater lay involvement in church governance.
During the course of the tenth century, the increasingly effective consolidation of episcopal power in the cities accentuated the essentially rural character of aristocratic power in the territories of the kingdom of Italy.
On the same occasion, the pope gave Archbishop Carey a gold episcopal pectoral cross.
The Episcopal Church naturally says, ‘We are episcopal ,’ meaning ‘We have bishops.’
They are autonomous, episcopal , Protestant Churches in fellowship with the Church of England.
If that happens, a historic opportunity will have been missed for the reform of the Church, and not least for the restoration of gravely damaged confidence in the Church's episcopal leadership.
Soon afterwards, Bishop Phillpotts extended his episcopal approval to this experiment.
Lefebvre - former head of the Holy Ghost fathers - was excommunicated in 1988 when he presided at the episcopal ordination of four priests, in defiance of a directive from Rome.
The council's careful balancing of papal and episcopal authority did not seem intended to expand the church's infallible teaching to areas like contraception.
Most Anglicans, however, subscribe to the ongoing continuity of episcopal ordination.