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epigraph / эпиграф
имя существительное
epigraph, motto
имя существительное
an inscription on a building, statue, or coin.
The epigraph could be seen clearly on the pillars and walls.
Each of the twelve poems in the third section of the book sports an epigraph from a Emerson essay.
The first to appear is the epigraph to the fourth chapter.
I have invoked Shelley as an epigraph because he identified the dangers of hubris and vanity when desire is exhausted and over-idealized.
The epigraph , a quotation from Dante, further obscures the atmosphere.
Why do I feel certain the first epigraph is from the past and the second is our contemporary?
(Stowe also included a fragment from it as the epigraph to Chapter 37 of Uncle Tom's Cabin).
The satirical structure and style of the novel are suggested by an epigraph from Mark Twain's travel book.
Indeed, the straightforward simplicity of the first epigraph is atypical of her generally more experimental and abstract poetry.
As my epigraph suggests, to be ‘strange’ is to be ‘real.’
The voice in the first epigraph is that of a teacher helping a student with her English pronunciation.