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epigram / эпиграмма, сентенция, оостроумная сентенция
имя существительное
epigram, quip, squib
maxim, sentence, epigram, gnome
оостроумная сентенция
имя существительное
a pithy saying or remark expressing an idea in a clever and amusing way.
So, after weeks of intense preparation, I have come up with several epigrams so devastatingly clever in their sarcasm that my adversaries will be forced to admit defeat and submit to my will immediately.
Today an epigram is generally defined as any short poem with a witty ending.
Many blogs feature in their heading a maxim, aphorism, saying, adage, axiom, saw, proverb, epigram or precept.
She lets one pithy epigram after the next fall flat, sadly clouding the brilliance of this real gem of a play.
He was a master of the scintillating surface, the witty musical epigram , the surprising twist.
The technique of the epigram , which he defined as ‘a short poem, complete in itself, either comic or. serious,’ is to get the ‘most meaning you can into the smallest amount of space.’
He also takes over a number of themes from Hellenistic poetry, especially from Greek epigram .
It should be clear from these quotes that Davis is an effortless formalist, and he excels at the epigram , aubade, and sonnet, even successfully bringing off a sixteen-line ‘monorhyme.’
The forms of satirical discourse and epigram are introduced to convey his opinions more directly.
a Wildean epigram
Ballades and epigrams seem to have been frequent immigrants here.