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ephemeral / эфемерный, недолговечный, преходящий
имя прилагательное
ephemeral, aerial, aeriform
ephemeral, short-lived, fragile, of short duration, non-durable
transient, transitory, passing, temporal, ephemeral, momentary
имя существительное
однолетнее растение
annual, ephemeral
однодневное насекомое
имя прилагательное
lasting for a very short time.
fashions are ephemeral
имя существительное
an ephemeral plant.
However, the spring ephemerals and plants that flower during the spring are often difficult to identify when flowers are not present, and cannot reliably be identified late in the growing season.
Spadefoot toad tadpoles and other species that develop in ephemeral pools have evolved traits that allow for successful development in an unpredictable environment.
Present plant communities are evidently ephemeral aggregations controlled by intersecting gradients of floral change.
As ground moisture is pulled back into the dry atmosphere, ephemeral wildflowers slowly fade from the upland slopes, signaling harder times to come.
Always not quite there, within the poet's reach but not to be grasped, the ephemeral and transitory scenes open like views in a highly trafficked street, only to close again just as quickly.
Sometimes, there's a whole world to be discovered in the fine detail of an ephemeral mood or a fleeting emotion.
I'd live the transient and ephemeral existence of a backpacker for a week, an existence of freedom and simple pleasures.
These traces of identity pass by the spectator in ephemeral moments, reflected, refracted, and distorted, as in a funnyhouse mirror.
I mean what could you possibly win, apart from cash and the kind of frankly transitory and ephemeral applause of certain kinds?
This correlation is well established for ephemeral species.
He roams the continents, freezing those ephemeral moments of life.