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epaulette / эполет
имя существительное
epaulet, epaulette
He was rushed to hospital where doctors found that the epaulette on his shirt had saved him from the worst of the wound.
Just over a year ago, a new uniform was adopted, replacing the former uniform with its epaulette and caps, which reflected the military origins of most of the judiciary.
Coats, jackets, and other garments became increasingly embellished during the 18th century as epaulettes , loops, lace, and aiguillettes all appeared.
I just wish the pilot wasn't wearing shiny black shoes, pressed black trousers, and a white, starched shirt with epaulettes that vaguely suggest a naval uniform.
Military officials, meanwhile, looked as if they were heading for a parade, strutting around in uniform with gold epaulettes and medals on display.
The two dwarves were dressed in plain brown shirts and trousers of the same design, and they had gold epaulettes on their shoulders.
I purchased a navy surplus coat, and it came with epaulets .
The cuffs were also of the same nature, as were the epaulettes on the shoulders of his military tunic.
Wearing his military uniform, decorated with medals and gold epaulets , he looked fit, impressive, and self-assured.
Their formidable presence, clad in gray uniforms with epaulettes and badges, and the silence pervading their stares, shattered a comfort barrier that held my mind in check and kept others from noticing a sign of personal distress.