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eon / вечность, эра
имя существительное
eternity, forever, age, perpetuity, immortality, eon
era, epoch, aeon, eon
имя существительное
an indefinite and very long period of time, often a period exaggerated for humorous or rhetorical effect.
he reached the crag eons before I arrived
the Precambrian eon
And through the eons there have been long periods of warming and cooling across the globe.
Humankind has built up that understanding over the eons first and foremost by observing phenomena accurately, and then recording the observations assiduously.
The oyamel firs have held their ground on these volcanic hillsides for eons , and Mexico-bound monarchs will spend the winter nowhere else.
We have seen how the basic aspects of solar eclipses appear in the sky; let us now return to our discussion of how humans have reacted to such events over the eons .
A mainstay of building construction for eons , until recent years the product's drab gray mien was considered too cold for all but the most esoteric decorative purposes.
This question, in various forms, has been pondered by physicists and philosophers for eons .
When you see a natural stone formation, you are seeing the result of eons of active degradation and entropy.
If anything, the holiday season, while a welcome break, is also an annoying interruption in her routine - for she stopped believing in making New Year's resolutions eons ago.
In doing so, the court presumably would have to face the question that has puzzled the patent office for decades and philosophers for eons : What makes us human?