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envoy / посланник, посланец, эмиссар
имя существительное
messenger, envoy, minister, missionary, missioner, vakeel
envoy, ambassador, missionary, missioner
emissary, envoy
имя существительное
a messenger or representative, especially one on a diplomatic mission.
In Ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh's messengers and diplomatic envoys carried with them the seal of the Pharaoh, production of which guaranteed the carrier free and unhindered passage throughout the region.
a peace envoy
But his rise to power will not be the only remarkable event of his career, for he has called upon the Federation to send an envoy to begin negotiating a peace between the two powers.
the UN special envoy to Yugoslavia
‘She was held for about six weeks without charge,’ the envoy told Wednesday's Evening Standard newspaper.
An alternative opposition government must include an opposition Cabinet, envoys and ambassadors in every sphere of diplomatic activity and relations and an alternative budget.
Prior to the amendment, the president had the prerogative to appoint ambassadors or accept foreign envoys .
Most efforts to cut deals go through the drivers' spotters, who then act like diplomatic envoys , clustered together high atop the stands.
Consequently, in 1564 Elizabeth agreed to open discussions with the Austrians and soon afterwards she authorised envoys and councillors to negotiate a matrimonial treaty.
It is hard to think of people more demure in rhetorical comportment than senior envoys of the United Nations or of the British foreign office.
King Narai dispatched his second diplomatic mission consisting of three envoys to the court of Louis XIV of France in January 1684.