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envisage / предусматривать, предвидеть, рассматривать вопрос
provide, envisage, cover, call for, reckon for
foresee, anticipate, forecast, envisage, foreknow, divine
рассматривать вопрос
deal, envisage
contemplate or conceive of as a possibility or a desirable future event.
the Rome Treaty envisaged free movement across frontiers
In most of the tapestries that we see in museums or country houses the dyes have faded badly and it is difficult to envisage the impact they had when first hung.
I do not pretend to be able to envisage all the various possibilities.
A large, whitewashed house just yards from a white beach and a little stone harbour, it is difficult to envisage a more perfect location.
If this is so, it is difficult not to envisage the death-rate substantially increasing.
Frankly, it's difficult to envisage him being nearly as influential in any role other than that of the focal point of the attack.
I didn't envisage this would be a problem, but I was wrong.
With a user base of over one million people, it is difficult to envisage a way in which this difficulty can be overcome.
Nobody can know what kind of world will result from the interplay of these forces, but it is possible to envisage plausible futures.
In these circumstances it is difficult to envisage anyone using their law or medical degree for benevolent reasons.
Living the student lifestyle, it becomes difficult to envisage yourself in a ‘normal’ routine.