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environs / окрестности, окружение, пригороды
имя существительное
neighborhood, surroundings, vicinity, environs, suburbs, suburb
environment, surroundings, entourage, encirclement, ambience, environs
имя существительное
the surrounding area or district.
the picturesque environs of the lake
He never stays in one place long enough to give us a depth of understanding about the environs or people in the places he visits.
the picturesque environs of the lake
The artwork should reflect the local environs and the vast musical talent of the Northern Rivers region.
This device can also be used to access a satellite view of the environs within which you are currently located.
This will provide development for the site of the Cultural Centre and its environs , as well as some commercial and housing sites.
His stories of childhood, historical events, and environmental beauty of Sligo and its environs are wonderful.
What I do want is for the lake and its environs to be respected, preserved, protected and enhanced for future generations.
It hopes to organise similar competitions and art camps in the premises so that more people would get to know the institution's environs .
Nearly 90 per cent of people spending their holidays in its environs had either visited the Park or intended to do so.
A far wider use of the lake and its environs will fill any gap and bring increased income from those who seek peace and tranquillity.