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environmentalist / эколог
  • prominent environmentalist - известный эколог
имя существительное
a person who is concerned with or advocates the protection of the environment.
So how do concerned environmentalists tackle the enormous challenge of driving that switch?
a person who considers that environment, as opposed to heredity, has the primary influence on the development of a person or group.
an environmentalist group
He's become, rather to his own surprise, a committed environmentalist .
But I cannot support the extreme environmentalist positions that you present in your magazine.
You are thought of as an avid environmentalist and you've built a reputation as an outdoorsman.
It is - in its own small way - a barometer of the future direction of the environmentalist movement.
He broke off his architecture studies and became active in peace and environmentalist groups.
As well as being passionate about personal finance, I'm also a committed environmentalist .
the environmentalist movement
An ardent environmentalist , he did it the responsible way.
The environmentalist movement, for instance, frequently appeals to the goodness of nature as a way to promote their causes.