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envelope / конверт, оболочка, огибающая
имя существительное
envelope, cover
shell, casing, skin, sheath, envelope, membrane
cover, jacket, envelope
wrapper, wrap, wrapping, cover, envelope, boot
имя существительное
a flat paper container with a sealable flap, used to enclose a letter or document.
They are all instant communications that are far less bother than putting pen to paper, finding an envelope , licking the flap, sticking on a stamp and popping it in a post box.
a covering or containing structure or layer.
the external envelope of the swimming pool
Concrete grade beams spanning between the caissons were used to accommodate external envelope conditions and elevator pits.
As the infection progresses, however, each sequential form of the virus envelope increasingly escapes detection.
The soldier would then enclose his ballot and the thrice-signed document in an envelope .
The insertion of the fusion peptide in the host membrane provides the necessary link between the viral envelope and the cell membrane.
To maintain secrecy, the return ballot paper envelope had a detachable flap on which the voter filled in their details.
But it is noticeable that, even within the overall envelope of European culture, it is all too easy for despotism, of one sort or another, to become the ruling paradigm.
The bones of the ankles and feet also took on a paddle shape, and individual digits were closely packed within a streamlining envelope of soft tissue.
It was however still possible to tell the location of the nuclear envelope to within 1-2 m.
Providers know that they have to work within the envelope of resources earned by the insurance plan.
Residents will have until January 6 to return the ballot paper in the pre-paid envelope which will come with the letter.