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enuresis / энурез, недержание мочи
имя существительное
недержание мочи
имя существительное
involuntary urination, especially by children at night.
Bedwetting, called enuresis , is the involuntary discharge of urine during sleep.
Other surveys have found that children with nocturnal enuresis are more subject to ‘confused awakenings,’ such as night terrors or sleepwalking, than children who do not wet the bed.
Secondary nocturnal enuresis is when a child has accidental wetting after having had bladder control for six or more months.
nocturnal enuresis can be due to a urinary tract infection
Nocturnal enuresis , or bed-wetting, is one of the most prevalent and persistent sleep problems in children.
Bedwetting, called enuresis , is the involuntary discharge of urine during sleep.
For some young children bladder control is more difficult to achieve at night - enuresis , commonly known as bed-wetting, has been discussed by physicians since the days of Galen and Hippocrates.
However, despite parental beliefs, enuretic children are not more difficult to waken than their peers without enuresis.
Achieving continence is also maturational, and children who lag developmentally at one and three years of age are more likely to be enuretic at age six.
Both the screening instruments did not pick up enuresis as a disorder, though on clinical assessment 5 of 76 screen negative children were diagnosed to be enuretic .
Although she had been completely toilet trained, she became enuretic and encopretic and also developed a severe eating disorder.