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enumerate / перечислять, точно подсчитывать
list, enumerate, itemize, recount, recite, catalog
точно подсчитывать
mention (a number of things) one by one.
there is not space to enumerate all his works
There's hardly the space here to enumerate in detail the ways the bias shows itself.
I could enumerate the problems, list my doubts, but that might make 'em sharp and enduring as diamonds, treacherous as banana skin.
there is not space to enumerate all his works
There was no attempt to enumerate the number of students in these subgroups because the small numbers would not have provided a statistically significant sample.
For their part, the miners enumerate the number of jobs the industry provides.
Its offences are so grievous, so numerous, they require nothing less than this list to enumerate them.
there is not space to enumerate all his works
These data do not simply enumerate a direct count of the recombination events, but have the advantage of reflecting the evolutionary process.
Far more revealing are lists that enumerate every expedition, give the names of their commanders and the ships involved, and sometimes provide additional useful information.
I would need more fingers and toes than I have to enumerate the number of people who contacted me to say ‘well done’ on going so forcefully public on the matter.