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entwine / обвить, вплетать, сплетаться
entwine, wind round
weave, interweave, entwine, thread, inweave, intervolve
weave, entwine, intertwine, interlace, twist, intertwist
wind or twist together; interweave.
they lay entwined in each other's arms
For a colorful, exotic effect, entwine two scarves together before wrapping your hair.
They knew that someday fate would bring them together and would entwine them in a bond so strong that no one could break it.
Without any hesitation, I entwine my legs with his and forcefully twist them, knocking him into the third guy there.
Her cheeks and nose were red from the biting cold wind, and pine needles had managed to entwine themselves in her hair and clothes, giving her quite a disheveled look.
The film, however, orchestrates these elements, mobilises their energies, toward a riveting affective engagement with history, desire, identity, love and their entwinement together.
Indeed, the history of caricature has often been entwined with the history of censorship.
He stops caressing her arm and takes hold of her hand, entwining their fingers together.
Further on, other members of the court seek to use Shakespeare's name to pen shockingly awful plays, including Queen Elizabeth herself, with material that entwines her craving for affection with sadomasochistic urges.
The satin ribbon lace lies at the heart of this season's collection - entwining the female figure to evoke the powerful and sheer beauty inside.
We laid back wearily against the pillows and smiled, entwining our fingers together automatically.