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entryway / лестничная площадка
имя существительное
лестничная площадка
landing, entryway, entry, resting-place
имя существительное
a way in to somewhere or something; an entrance.
For these reasons, split ductless systems are frequently found in educational and healthcare facilities, computer rooms, lobbies and building entryways .
I watch in horror as the figure draws a bag into the entryway , closing the door silently.
They went across the cavern and through the entryway that led through another passage.
A door in the short entryway led to another small hallway with two rooms on either side and one bathroom on the end.
They entered the house through the front door and found the entryway that she remembered from her dream.
Slowly slinking against the wall, she quietly made her way to the door that came off the entryway .
They approached the ominous entryway ; its size seemed to defy the laws of physics.
He walked out to the entryway and opened the door then forgot to even say hello.
The lift pinged and the doors slid open, revealing an entryway tiled in cool green marble.
I let out a relieved breath and dumped my backpack in the entryway , shutting the door behind me.
Walking through his clothes littered room, he went down the hall to the entryway to get the door.