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entry-level / начальный уровень
начальный уровень
начальный уровень
initial level
имя прилагательное
at the lowest level in an employment hierarchy.
he was hired as an entry-level research assistant
And most bosses do not expect their entry-level employees to know every artist from the dawn of history.
In some instances, that may not be enough to hire a top, entry-level assistant professor.
And I've done nothing major about seriously furthering my basic entry-level interest.
It offers space and reliability, but the fact that the entry-level engine is a 2.4 litre may dampen its appeal a little.
Some makers are starting to offer flat screens on entry-level machines for about €1,200.
In short order that strategy yielded 47 entry-level hires for his 225-employee company.
Most striking, for the first time in 20 years the plant is recruiting entry-level machinists.
The entry-level wines of stalwart Australian wineries have crept up in price, and simultaneously slid in quality.
There were also big wage gains in retailing and construction, two industries that hire a lot of entry-level workers.
The simple level and skill systems make for a nice entry-level game.