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entrust / доверять, поручать, возлагать
trust, trust in, confide, entrust, rely on, believe
entrust, charge, commit, delegate, commission, authorize
lay, place, rest, entrust, put on, intrust
assign the responsibility for doing something to (someone).
I've been entrusted with the task of getting him safely back
you persuade people to entrust their savings to you
Nor are we protected by the people with whom we entrust our money.
We are entrusted with the lives of soldiers, and those soldiers, when deployed, entrust us with the health of their spouses and children back home.
This is why it's important not to entrust your entire financial affairs to just one investment company.
It does not entrust the care of the public health to private companies, which may grow rich upon disease.
Superiors will entrust you with more responsible work.
Millions of UK investors entrust their money to highly paid, highly educated professional fund managers.
It wasn't long until they began to deal with the woman and entrust their shipments into her care - for the way to conquer a land is not through blood, but to keep it with skill and settlement.
As singers, we entrust our larynges to the care of these people, so it is of utmost importance that we find the right person, and there are a lot of ‘wrong’ ones out there.
you persuade people to entrust their savings to you