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entreaty / просьба, мольба
имя существительное
request, application, plea, petition, wish, entreaty
pleading, plea, supplication, prayer, entreaty, cry
имя существительное
an earnest or humble request.
the king turned a deaf ear to his entreaties
Only after their entreaty failed did they arrest him.
There was a helpless entreaty in his voice, as though he were afraid that she might see him and retrace her steps.
Early last year I made an entreaty for the digitization of several great LPs, mostly from the 80s, that still hadn't made it to CD for whatever reason.
What is important is that we hold a conscious intention for the wellbeing of another, whether it's an entreaty to God or a loving feeling.
Education, of all kinds, is a personal entreaty .
Shall we resort to entreaty and humble supplication?
His entreaty is hard to swallow, given the biographical kernels in all of his plays, but easy to take, given the unguarded, imploring nature of his gaze.
But the entreaties of her earlier prayers echoed in her head.
The parliamentary party left the session in high spirits, with their leader's entreaties ringing in their ears.
And she mostly steadfastly ignores my shouted commands, my entreaties and panting demands to be set free when the siren songs call me again.