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entreat / умолять, упрашивать, упросить
beg, implore, plead, beseech, entreat, supplicate
entreat, beg, coax, beseech, solicit, blandish
beg, persuade, entreat, prevail, prevail upon, solicit
ask someone earnestly or anxiously to do something.
his friends entreated him not to go
treat (someone) in a specified manner.
the King, I fear, hath ill entreated her
Perhaps you can entreat some strapping young lad into educating you in the ways of the world.
Her final plea that he entreat divine grace on her behalf can only be read, given the pains she took to equate divinity with intellect, as a request for intellectual freedom.
However, may I be bold enough as to entreat your patience for yet another minute?
He did not know whether anything he could say in that chamber would be noticed by the people of the town; but he would like to entreat them to be very gentle and careful towards the ruins.
It's also so jam-packed with pop culture references and media lampoons that it runs the risk of insulting or isolating the very audience it is trying to entreat .
‘We really ought to tell them we're weighed down with responsibility and not the carefree single girls we seem,’ I entreated .
‘Workers all over the world need our help’, he entreated .
He had hung crude crosses and other charms all around his home and regularly recited the Magnificat, and he fervently entreated the protection of the Lady every night.
‘Why,’ she entreated after a moment, ‘does one so knowledgeable seek books on such evil?’
‘Trust me,’ he entreats , ‘I'm a professional eye-reader.’