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entrap / завлечь, заманить в ловушку, обманывать
заманить в ловушку
entrap, noose
deceive, cheat, kid, fool, spoof, entrap
catch (someone or something) in or as in a trap.
she was entrapped by family expectations
Now imagine a police force with the power to entrap you into crime in order to arrest you.
Reading his poems feels like you are watching him walk into a room full of mirrors; each entrap a small vision of the poet, but no image is ever complete.
Here is another push by capitalist forces to entrap areas of economic life that had once been outside the sway of the commodity form.
A lot of citizens are unhappy that their tax dollars are being spent on stings to entrap them, but the police retort that this is a bigger safety problem than you might realize.
The matrices tangle and entrap understandings of creation and knowledge to expose their threadbare construction.
She said there would also need to be safeguards in using surveillance recordings in court as evidence so that the person accused had the opportunity to explain what he allegedly said and the surveillance was not used to entrap the person.
A national newspaper has been running a series of articles highlighting instances of speed camera vehicles parked in illegal places to entrap drivers.
We are not out to entrap motorists, we are trying to reduce the carnage on county roads.
The lower bands would cut tax for the less well-off, but the new higher bands would entrap many middle-class households, simply because house price inflation has increased the value of their homes.
This is a woman who is actively engaging the police and actively working with them to the point of suggesting how she might be able to entrap him from the very beginning of her work with the police.