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entrails / внутренности, недра, кишки
имя существительное
inside, entrails, viscera, inwards, inward, innards
bosom, subsoil, bowels, entrails, bowels of the earth
guts, intestines, bowels, entrails
имя существительное
a person or animal's intestines or internal organs, especially when removed or exposed.
Divination was accomplished by ‘reading’ the appearance and arrangement of the entrails of newly sacrificed animals such as chickens and sheep.
In ancient Rome, emperors would divine truth by reading the entrails of animals or vanquished foes.
The original umbles were the innards of the deer: the liver, heart, entrails and other second-class bits.
The function of the haruspices was divination of the future from the entrails of sacrificial animals.
It has become conventional-almost expected-that we should play the role of seer, cast the oracle bones, and examine the entrails of animals.
In the deluxe version, the brain was generally extracted down the nose and the entrails removed before the hollow body was dried out with salts.
It's not quite trying to divining the future from animal entrails , but I wouldn't use it as the most definitive measure of economic life in the Valley.
A large gash across the old male's abdomen glistened, his entrails exposed to the sun.
Seers interpreted claps of thunder, lightning flashes or the condition of a sacrificed animal's entrails .
To my horror, Tulsi Pipe Road was now shamefully dug up, its bowels exposed and the entrails left lying on one side for the world to see.
All of them are relatively large parcels of offal mixed with cereal and enclosed in some suitable wrapping from an animal's entrails , usually the stomach.