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entourage / окружение, антураж, свита
имя существительное
environment, surroundings, entourage, encirclement, ambience, setting
retinue, suite, entourage, escort, series, train
имя существительное
a group of people attending or surrounding an important person.
an entourage of bodyguards
an entourage of loyal courtiers
Quickly he scribbled all the important items that came to mind and then the entourage continued on its way.
The entourage will travel in two identical 747s and be accompanied by a third chartered Jumbo.
Grass huts were erected and the chief and his entourage held court in the largest one.
The bouncer at the door obviously had no idea of how important our entourage was.
Twenty years on, he is still protected by a loyal entourage and the mystique remains.
A tall woman in a black dress appeared from a rear room surrounded by an impressive entourage .
an entourage of bodyguards
He arrived in his plane with an entourage of officials and media people from Cameroon.
An entourage of friends and activists, four lawyers and embassy staff came with us.