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entomb / погребать, служить гробницей, укрывать
entomb, sepulcher, inhume, inurn, sepulchre
служить гробницей
harbor, cover, shelter, conceal, shield, entomb
place (a dead body) in a tomb.
If the Temple of the Sun is geometrical perfection, the Temple of the Condor, where mummified bodies were entombed , is its dynamic, artistic counterpart.
Then one day Usher announced to his friend that Madeline was ‘no more,’ and that he intended to entomb her body in the house's dungeon rather than bury it.
We have found a place, not far, where we can entomb the Doctor's body.
Since there was no body to entomb there is no shrine to him to which pilgrims can repair.
Actively engaging the spectator, it neither mirrors nor entombs the viewer.
When he died, his body was entombed at Junagadh in Gujarat, which thereafter became an important pilgrimage destination for Indian Sidhis.
Bodies lay all around, partially or completely entombed in the debris.
And I didn't want my thesis to be entombed on some library shelf.
Rubble then crashed through the floors, entombing the three workers on the ground floor.
This resurrection of ancient mysteries reminds me of your latest maturation, a sort of a dusting off and animation of mummified aspects of your personality that you entombed years ago.
Beneath the imposing hillside memorial, which overlooks the inner harbour, two unidentified bodies of the tanker's crewmen have been entombed .