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entitlement / право
предоставление права
  • legal entitlement - юридическое право
имя существительное
the fact of having a right to something.
full entitlement to fees and maintenance should be offered
Subsequent cases have held that once entitlement is decided, a token amount ought not to be awarded.
If he leaves the company however, he loses his entitlement , unless it is through early retirement.
It has been 30 years since the last increase in the minimum annual holiday entitlement .
The letter informed her that her entitlement amounted to just £0.35 pence per fortnight.
annual leave entitlement
This builds up monthly in advance at the rate of one-twelfth of the annual entitlement each month.
full entitlement to fees and maintenance should be offered
The government has recognised that we should get our full grant entitlement .
annual leave entitlement
Their desire to have the entitlement changed to a block grants is mainly driven by financial pressures.