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entirely / полностью, целиком, совершенно
fully, completely, entirely, totally, complete, in full
entirely, wholly, bodily, purely, en bloc, all in all
completely, absolutely, quite, entirely, perfectly, complete
entirely, round
entirely, wholly, completely, all, altogether, exclusively
completely (often used for emphasis).
the juries were made up entirely of men
The next name to appear here will hopefully belong to somebody entirely different.
eight coaches entirely for passenger transport
You stop, and it seems completely clear to you that it is entirely up to you what you do next.
It was surprising that such a varied bill could have been supplied entirely by local talent.
An air of depression is lingering at both clubs and for entirely different reasons.
What the law permits and what policymakers chose to do are entirely different things.
she's not entirely satisfied with it
Can these singles really have been put there by two entirely different audiences?
In rare cases, you may reach a situation where your hand consists entirely of wild cards.
Whether he should send the team out knowing that is a different matter entirely .